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Varner Farms LLC

Registered Longhorn Cattle

**Updated 9-14-2020**

We are David and Colette Varner, owners of Varner Farms, LLC.

We started our "hobby" of raising Longhorn cattle when we purchased a cow and her calf in 2006 while we were still working full time and being "weekend ranchers." However, like many others in the Longhorn industry will tell you, these cattle are addictive and our passion grew over the last several years, as well as our herd.

Our acreage has grown to accommodate our obsession of raising registered Longhorns. These majestic animals with their various colors and horn shapes are always amazing. Each animal seems to have its own unique personality too. All our cattle are Millennium Futurity eligible.

We are Lifetime members of the TLBAA, and also members of the ITLA and STLA.

We thank you for stopping by Varner Farms and it has been a pleasure having you visit our website. If you have any questions at all regarding our cattle, or just want to talk about Longhorns, please feel free to contact us!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Varner Farms, LLC

3903 E FM 2237

Muldoon, TX 78949-5108


[email protected]